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This was the second time we boarded our dogs at the Dog Zone. Both our dogs are recent rescues, one having some lingering issues and fear of new surroundings and people. I was very nervous to leave him. Nothing phases the other dog. He is perpetually happy. The fearful dog came away acting more afraid for a few days after being boarded before returning back to his normal (for him) self. So it was with some trepidation that we took them to stay again. I was so relieved when both our dogs literally ran up to the building and trotted right in. Obviously, whatever had bothered our dog the first time had nothing to do with his treatment while he was there. (I wonder if he thought he had been abandoned again). From talking with the owner we feel the owner and staff genuinely care for the animals in their care and do their best to accommodate the different personalities. When we picked our dogs up this time, both dogs were happy and I saw no personality changes in the fearful dog. We walked out and turned back around and walked right back in. This more than anything gave me the reassurance I needed that the fearful dog was doing fine in this environment. Even if our fearful dog had been traumatized again by his stay, I honestly believe this would be due to something in his past, not anything that occurred here. It takes only a moment for you to realize the owner and his staff are warm and caring. I highly recommend the Dog Zone to anyone who needs daycare or overnight boarding. We also had the happy dog bathed while he was there. It was amazing how soft his coat was and how good he smelled; no small feat there. Thanks for taking such great care of our dogs, Louie and Ridley will be back to play soon.

Missy Lowery H. — 5 stars

What a find for us! Our Timber has a home away from home at the Dog Zone. Great staff, Great prices, Great place all around!

Jon M.

This place is awesome. Well trained, caring staff.

Lyndsay F

I highly recommend The Dog Zone. The experience I had while there , I was very impressed. From watching the gentleman tame the barking dogs with one word, to how gentle and caring the lady groomer was. They listened to my wants, they listened to my concerns.. my pup came back to me better than expected. If you take your dog here... you are in for GREAT experience and you will feel 100% comfortable with leaving your baby there. :)


Meaghan E

I took my dog here for the first time yesterday, for day care. I have taken him to a few different places, and haven't found one that I love. I loved The Dog Zone, and so did my pup. 
The place is huge, and has an outdoor area for the dogs to run in and out of. They have some extra sections, for dogs who may not want to be as social. 
Their prices are reasonable for what you are getting. They are willing to feed your dog, and put them in a private section during feeding times. They have passes, and coupons which help keep costs a little lower. 
When we left yesterday, my pup jumped up on Larry, the owner, to give him a hug goodbye. My dog doesn't do this very often, so it made me feel good when I saw this. 
Definitely taking him back!!!!


Kerry M.

The Dog Zone did an excellent job caring for my 5 month old puppy. She was a bit timid her first time there, but the owner, Larry, came in and worked with her a bit to ensure a successful boarding experience. The staff went above and beyond to care for my dog! We will definately be back! Thanks Dog Zone for taking such great care of my dog!


Jennifer L

I started taking my dogs here about 6 months ago for grooming. I have been more than satisfied with the care and customer service that I have experienced. I also recently used the boarding services when I went on vacation and I am so satisfied that I will most definitely use them again in the future. The atmosphere and customer service are top notch.

Jen F

We had a great experience! Our dog stayed for a week then was groomed by McKenna the day we picked her up. I found the owner, Larry and staff very personal. You can tell they have a passion to care for dogs. But more importantly my dog looked great and seemed very content. She was playing with the other dogs when I got there. She much prefers being able to play with other dogs to being stuck in a kennel most of the day.


Jay M

I have a black lab and a beagle. Great place to take my two dogs for daycare. They're always excited when we pull up and come back tired and happy.

Daniel A







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